Review // Twenty One Pilots x MuteMath


What do you get when you combine two spectacular alternative rock bands in one live killer studio session? Pure magic in the Twenty One Pilots x MuteMath mash up. The two bands worked in harmony to create unique versions of five Twenty One Pilots songs, each one combining the two bands individual sounds to construct a completely new sound.

Starting out with the hit “Heathens” from the Suicide Squad soundtrack, the group slowed down the track to create a more emotional feel to the song with the added piano parts. Moving on to “heavydirtysoul” which largely features Tyler of Twenty One Pilots furiously rapping as his band mate and the MuteMath guys worked to keep up with him. The twenty minute long video then goes on to feature a behind-the-scenes montage, from the introduction of the two bands to the rehearsals that took place the day before.

“Ride” was the next song to be reimagined, an electronic/synth beat pulsing behind the alternative original lyrics. This particular song took me by surprise, forcing me to take everything I knew about Twenty One Pilots and put it behind me as this new sound proved that they are incredibly talented and flexible musicians.

The two bands then moved on to “Tear In My Heart,” which featured an indie feel to the abstract romance song. With a vast amount of “ah-ing” and “oo-ing” in the background, it truly showed how Twenty One Pilots and Mutemath mashed their sounds to create a beautiful new idea.

The guys rounded out the video with the smash hit “Lane Boy.” While still maintaining the island vibe sound, the instruments generated a rock sound to accompany it with a hint of synth from the keyboard. The combination of two drummers on this track rounded out the feel for the whole session, intense and influential.

The end of the mash up video features all the musicians passionately playing as it pans to Tyler Joseph watching, making you feel as if you were right there in the room as well. All five songs are available to download for free and is a must have for any Twenty One Pilots fan!

Review by Lexy Fields