JAX // ‘Funny’ EP Review


Rating: 4/5

Ever since her American Idol audition, Jax has been our favorite. Her soulful yet edgy voice is what makes her stand out from the rest, and perhaps it’s the reason why she placed in third on the singing competition. While beating thyroid cancer, working on music and being involved in the new Gypsy Warrior x Jax clothing line, she continues to shine bright.

Released on Friday, January 27, Jax’s debut EP Funny is a must-have. The American Idol alum has taken her voice to the next level, and we’re obsessed with what we’ve heard in these six new tracks. Throughout the entirety of the EP you’ll get full on girl power tracks with a bit of inspiration and sass.

The EP opens up with “Sleep Like a Baby,” which will surprise you nonetheless. It starts off with the tune to “Go to Sleep Little Baby” but soon after, a toe-tapping beat begins that will instantly grab your attention. Instantly you learn that this could quite possibly be an EP filled with nothing but girl-power infused songs and you’re right. That’s exactly what it is. Not only that but it’s evident that Jax knows how to right a catchy tune with standout lyrics. “Hit your buddy over at TMZ / at least you gotta leak something that’s blonder than me / At least you gotta leak something that mama can see / But did your mama ever tell you / don’t like to me,” she belts out with sass. The dude in the song is a liar but it’s okay, she’s over it.

Following “Sleep Like a Baby” is the inspiring lead single “Stars.” “I was in a dark place and it was really cathartic for me to be writing,” Jax said in an interview. “I feel like “Stars” was a turning point in the writing process for everyone. It represented me getting through one of the biggest obstacles in my life.” Her story shines throughout, and she’s right. Stars literally can’t shine without darkness.

Even though inspiration is weaved through each track, there is nothing like a temper-tantrum that makes things a little more interesting. Although Jax takes the high road in “Kicking and Screaming,” it doesn’t stop someone from blaming her for something they couldn’t seem to handle. The sassy track literally screams “Get over it” with lyrics like “Lately it’s like you’ve been taking candy from a baby,” which cleverly fits with the title. Whoever she wrote this song about better watch it or better yet, just get over it and move on. Temper tantrums aren’t for the grown and mature.

Following the catchy dance track is the highlight off the EP. “LSD” not only displays her soulful yet edgy vocals but it demonstrates what a clever and strong songwriter she is. Her ability to own up to pain and be vulnerable is tragically beautiful. “Don’t you know, you know / you’re everything / Even though you broke everything,” she sings with raw emotion, tackling a subject that seems to be exceptionally difficult for her. It’s the most raw and vulnerable song on the EP and one everyone can relate to, whether you’re addicted to an ex lover or with someone who’s potentially dangerous. “The song is about the passion and the deep connection in a toxic relationship and how it’s kind of like a drug, but the song isn’t actually about drugs. It’s about a poignant, dangerous relationship that you are so connected to that it’s hard to let go,” she recalls. “The line is like ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.’ That is where it came from. I don’t expect anyone to know the reference, but that is where it came from in the studio.”

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The last two tracks bring sass with a “don’t mess with me” kind of message. “Funny,” the title track is quite possibly the sassiest of all the tracks and certainly a favorite. It’s “Sarcastic in its own weird way,” recalls Jax. But the calling out doesn’t end there. “Wrong Girl” continues to throw shade, letting her man know that he’s messed with the wrong girl. “I am going to / completely destroy you / You messed with the wrong girl,” she sings with edge. Although Jax doesn’t actually want anyone to actually hurt someone, she certainly gets her message across and it’s brilliant.

Overal, Funny is the perfect introduction to who Jax is an artist. She’s sassy, vulnerable and most importantly, empowering. She’s an exceptional songwriter, and we are sure that it will only grow through each album she releases. If anything, this EP teaches us that Jax is an incredible artist who wears her heart on her sleeve. An artist who’s willing to tell her story in such a raw, empowering way is one that will be successful because overall, she’s changing lives and inspiring others with one song at a time.

Highlights: “LSD” // “Funny” // “Stars”

You can stream the Funny EP now on Apple Music