Cincinnati Alt Rockers Mutt Break Onto Their Local Scene in the Age of DIY Music


In the age of independent artists winning Grammys and bands releasing records without labels, DIY rockers are tackling the music industry on their own terms. Cincinnati, Ohio based band Mutt is no exception — they even recorded their first EP “Menagerie” by themselves. From the comfort of their own home, Mutt recorded and mixed their own record within a 2 1/2 month period, but admittedly had a little bit of help from Clever Records in Kentucky, who lead singer and guitarist Joe Gladstone says “put a final mastering touch on [all four songs] to make them radio leveled.”

Even though the music business might be a ‘streaming eat downloads’ world, the band’s manager Michael Gladstone (Joe’s brother) still sees the value in doing things ‘old school.’ “Having that physical copy of the album opens so many doors for the band’s development and advancing their potential because it allows me, as their manager, to have proof of what they can do,” Michael says.

Joe adds, “[the album includes] four songs that we think are a pretty good representation of who we are as a band.”

Mutt is the combination of five Xavier University students who all became friends during their first two years at school. Each member came from a different state and a different musical background, which Michael says is the reasoning behind their band’s name. He explains, “the nature of the band is in the name of the band. The name ‘Mutt’ reflects the different styles and backgrounds of music of each individual in the band.”

Rounding out the group is lead guitarist Ben Merlotti, finesse guitarist Dennis Pickett, bass player Ryan Kosturko, and percussionist Patrick Overton.

Since forming two years ago, Mutt has been playing shows around town and garnering attention in their local scene. They are becoming more and more serious about their music as time goes on, especially with the release of ‘Menagerie’ earlier this year.

Joe speaks for the band when he says “first and foremost, Mutt is about making music and playing in front of people to spread [our] sound. Everything else comes second to the band.”

And although the band is still working expanding to other cities like Philly and Cleveland, Michael admits with a laugh “we’re definitely not rockstars yet.”

If you live in the Cincinnati area, you can catch Mutt tonight at Mt. Adams Pavilion.

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