Easter Eggs // My Favorite Unreleased, Bonus, or Hidden Tracks


Easter is coming up this weekend and I’ll be busy pigging out on Easter-themed candy. If you’re like me and “too old” to go Easter Egg hunting, you can check out our playlist of “Easter Eggs” instead (songs that are unofficially released/not available for purchase, bonus tracks, or hidden tracks).

What are some of your favorite hidden gems?

  1. ‘Milk’ // The 1975
    She does a little thing with her eyes that says ‘we’re off soon.'”

2. ‘Cocaine Part Two’ // FIDLAR
“It kinda sucks being twenty two.”

3. ‘Bad Desire’ // Noah Gundersen
“If you start to wonder / if your spell I’m under / honey, you should run the other way.”

4. ‘Everything You’ll Ever Be’ // John Mayer
“Mirrors are a losing game / they only show you backwards anyway.”

5. ‘In Your Arms’ // Gabrielle Aplin
“Say what you want / I’m safe in my lover’s arms / and I’m always leaving the best things behind.”

6. ‘Would I Lie To You’ // The Front Bottoms
“Our love’s the only thing that could matter”

7. ‘Au Bord de la Mer” // Drive Like I Do (The 1975)
“Tonight baby girl we’ll have a party”

8. ‘Champagne Supernova’ // Oasis
“Where were you while we were getting high?”

9. ‘Terry’s Song’ // Bruce Springsteen
“When they built you brother / the broke the mold.”

10. ‘Everytime Is The Last Time’ // Bloc Party

11. ‘Sunshine’ // The All-American Rejects
“It’s just that / you’re uneasy / when you need me.”

12. ‘Fire Don’t Die’ // Noah Gundersen
“You can jump in the current / or get lost in the tide.”

13. ‘I’m Gonna Steal Your Boyfriend’ // Tweens
“I must admit that I’m proud to say / I’m gonna steal your boyfriend away.”

14. ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ // Counting Crows
“Don’t it always seem to go / that you don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone”




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