EP REVIEW // Cat Parks’ Self Titled EP


Originally from Cincinnati, Cat Parks is bringing the soul back to Nashville. Parks’ electric-infused self titled album, which was recorded at Dark Horse Studios, dropped on April 25th. Cat played an album release show at 12th and Porter late last month. Like her career thus far (she’s also a blogger, women empowerment advocate and a model), Cat’s album is an eclectic mix.

Cat Parks opens with “Sometimes,” which starts out with a drum and acoustic guitar intro but quickly transitions into the Rock ‘n Roll Soul sound that Parks is known for. “Sometimes” paints a picture of unrequited love. When she sings, “the way you come around / like ten feet tall,” Parks showcases some country twang, undoubtedly influenced by her Nashville surroundings.

“Shotgun Rider” follows, and it shows us another side of Cat — sassy and sensual. Even more electrifying than the former, “Shotgun Rider” has a seriously rocking guitar solo. Just in case you were doubting her vocals, Parks ends this track on a high note (literally).

“Ready to Go” is an upbeat track that I’m sure the audience connects to when she plays it live. The track’s lyrics are some of the most visual on the album as a whole. When she first started writing, Cat was primarily interested in being a songwriter, and “Ready to Go” definitely let us see that side of her.

“Heartbreaker,” one of Cat Parks‘ singles, is perhaps the most mainstream sounding of the collection. The track has some underlying club beats and it might just surprise you that Cat Parks can rap! She lays down the beat towards the end of the song and channels her inner women empowerment advocacy, telling her listeners “know yourself / know your worth / you gotta know that you a queen / God put you on this Earth to be more than a girl in a magazine or a video / you’re not typical / you’re more than a pretty face.”

Cat Parks slows down for her final track “Fool.” This lyrically complex ballad gives us a glimpse into everything that Parks is capable of. Vocally, “Fool” stands out on the EP as the strongest argument towards the talent that Parks has. The unique quality of her vocals really shine through here.

As a proper introduction to who Cat Parks is as an artist, her self-titled EP is aptly named. Nashville is home to a lot of unique artists and Cat Parks is no exception.




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