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19 year old Mags Duval has been writing songs for about ten years now and this year, she is coming onto the Nashville music scene in a big way. Hailing from Clearwater, Florida, she would regularly make the trip to Nashville for cowriting sessions by the time that she was 13. As a pop music aficionado,  Mags is passionate about music as an art form and infuses her various influences into her music. Halfway through 2017, Mags Duval has released four singles, including “Stay Lonely.”

Mags Duval’s most recent release is “Plain Jane,” an ode to a relationship that never was. The track employs an acoustic guitar, which gives it almost a singer-songwriter feel while remaining true to its pop roots.

We had the chance to talk to Mags about her new music, including “Plain Jane,” which you can read below.

BCT: How did you hone in on music being your passion from such a young age?

Mags Duval: I can’t remember a time when I didn’t just love music. I was always singing, but I’d say I really knew music was my passion when I discovered songwriting at age 9.

BCT: A pop artist who is based out of Nashville is sort of rare these days. What made you choose Nashville?

Mags Duval: I was really young when I started making trips to co-write songs with other songwriters. My parents were like “You are 13 and the idea of you traveling to LA or New York terrifies us, so Nashville seems like our best option.” I always knew I wanted to make pop music, but I honestly just fell in love with the town and the people and the way they value the craft of songwriting here.

BCT: You’ve been working with some big names in music, like Luke Laird and John Hill. What has it been like working with such seasoned people in the industry?

Mags Duval: Intimidating, surreal, incredible… It’s such a crazy experience to collaborate with people who’s work you’ve admired for years. I was like, “How in the world and I worthy of even being in the same room as these guys?”

BCT: Tell us a little bit about “Plain Jane.” What was the inspiration behind the track?

Mags Duval: There was this guy I was into and I thought the feeling was mutual, but then he randomly had a girlfriend! I’m a romantic, so I already had this whole dream-scenario in my head of us together and it was a major plot-twist.

BCT: How do you think that your music defines your personal style?

Mags Duval: Words are really important to me, in every aspect of my life. I’m such a nerd — I get really excited over relatable poetry or well-crafted novels. So I’d say my lyrical perspective on things reflects that aspect of my personality. My music also tends to have a consistent romantic theme and can be fun and flirty with semi-dark undertones and very honest lyrics.

BCT: You released four singles so far this year, the most recent being “Plain Jane.” Is there an EP in the works, or are you sticking with singles for now?

Mags Duval: I’m sticking to singles as of now and will probably compile about six songs into an EP in the near future.

You can catch up with Mags Duval on social media here:

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