Heirsound Layers Vol. 1 // Review


        Heirsound, an alternative rock duo founded by Alexa San Román and Dane Petersen, are set to release a 3-volume collection of EPs that fit together to create an emotional journey for their listeners. The first volume, released on May 12th, has a different sound from anything Heirsound has released before. It has 4 songs, all of which are very percussive and feature a plethora of ambient sounds and catchy riffs.

Proud, the first single from the project, is a song fueled by anger and betrayal. The entire chorus is drenched in sarcasm and irony, saying the band is so proud of someone who used and backstabbed them. It really sets the tone for the first EP, showing that before you get any deeper, you have to embrace the feelings of anger, frustration, and disappointment. The video goes hand and hand with this nicely, showing San Román and Petersen in a cheesy infomercial type setting with big, fake grins plastered on their faces. It juxtaposes the feeling of deception that the song exudes, and makes the listeners feel conflicted and confused.

The next song, Dangerous, has a dark, moody, and mysterious tone. It creates a feeling of lust and attraction, setting it apart from the anger fueled songs on the rest of the EP. The track flips back and forth from lyrics that portray a more vulnerable and insecure side like “But the hardest part, when our hearts are far, we could fall in love and it could fall apart,” to more confident and almost cocky lyrics like “Be careful, you think you can handle my touch because this love is dangerous.” Once again this song shows a more surface level feeling with a hint of something deeper.

The third song off the EP, Rings, is a song more centered around confusion. It asks the question that many wish they could ask when there is parting of ways, “Where you gonna go?” When something ends, we all want to leave a permanent impression. And though it’s not always pretty, it is human to hope that someone may be lost without you. Rings perfectly captures the essence of that. What happens when you become a ghost like figure in someone’s life? What happens when part of you is still apart of someone else? It connects to something that almost everyone has felt.

The final song on the EP, Changes featuring Just B. Polo, is the probably the most unique song Heirsound has ever released. It is a catchy rap song dripping with resentment and disappointment. Of all the tracks on volume 1, it feels the most raw and honest. The lyrics are piercing with vocals to match. It is the star of the EP because it is so difference and so undeniable. It’s one of those songs that you wish you had during a bad break up, because it is so cathartic. It perfectly rounds out Volume 1 and leaves you wanting to listen to it again.

Overall, the first EP from LAYERS leaves you wanting to dive deeper. With a series like this one, that is so essential. These barebones songs capture the surface level emotions that the lyrics exude, and leave the listener excited for what’s next. If the next 2 EPs continue down this path, Heirsound will have created a beautiful, emotional, and captivating journey for their audience.


Written by Hayley Roets



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