How To Throw the Best Pretty Little Liars ‘End Game’ Viewing Party


Tonight is the night PLL Army. It’s the end of an era that we have grown to love. Pretty Little Liars is a show that has become a part of our lives, almost like family. To see it go is breaking our hearts. But, we don’t want to see a go on a sad note, right? We want to have fine while watching this show one last time.

Every finale, fans have surrounded around their televisions with friends to watch what was going to be revealed next. It’s a beautiful tradition that happens within the PLL family, and tonight it’s going to happen one last time. Are you having a viewing party? What are you going to do to celebrate the series finale? It’s going to be one wild night, which is why we have to plan the best viewing party in PLL history.

Here are the essentials:

A Text Message Invite: A PLL party isn’t a PLL party without a text message invite. If you’re planning on having friends over tonight, invite them with an -A text. It’ll be much more exciting that way.

Masks: It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing the mask or if you just have the masks hanging around your house, but masks are a must have. Marlene King has even confirmed that there is going to be at least one mask, maybe two in the series finale. So, what are you waiting for? Get your PLL masks out.

Patsy Cline Background Music: Remember how much A.D. loves Patsy Cline? It’s not even just A.D. but it’s ever A who has an attachment to her it seems like. Wanna make your party a little more creepy? Play some Patsy Cline music in the background before the big showdown starts.

Black Hoodie: There is nothing wrong with dressing in -A uniform. Tell everyone to come in their favorite black hoodie. After all, after tonight, the black hoodie will be gone forever.

Notes From -A: It isn’t PLL without notes or texts from -A. Spread -A notes around the house to make it more Amazing.

-A Themed Scavenger Hunt: PLL is like a big scavenger hunt, right? A more upscale one, but you know what we’re saying. What better way to kick off the party than to have a scavenger hunt? You could hide clues that lead to someone in your group to being -A or come up with something totally different. However you plan on playing, it’s bound to be a fun time.

PLL Trivia App: We have this PLL trivia app and we’re obsessed. Test your PLL knowledge by playing it with your friends.

Board Shorts Ale: If you can find Ezra’s favorite drink, then buy it!

Butterscotch: We think you should just have Butterscotch flavored everything. Why? Because that’s A.D’s favorite. We have to make this party as PLL as possible.

Pie: It seems like everyone in PLL has a fascination with pie, especially Ezra and Aria. Make the best pies you can make to make your party extra PLL. Ezria would be proud.

Shovels: We shouldn’t really have to explain this one. It all started with a murder and a shovel, so why not make shovels a big part of how it ends tonight? We think it would be a fantastic idea.

Dirt Cake: There is a lot of dirt and digging that happens in our favorite show. Dirt cake is the best way to celebrate that, and it’s absolutely delicious. Check out the best 10 recipes here.

How are you celebrating the big finale? Let us know by tweeting us @BCTPress

The series finale of Pretty Little Liars airs tonight on Freeform at 8pm ET. 



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