The Best Reveals On Pretty Little Liars Ranked From Worst to Best


It’s been seven years of reveals in the world of Rosewood and Pretty Little Liars. Some of those reveals were shocking, others were confusing, and some, we absolutely hated.

We can’t believe this Tuesday, the show is finally coming to a close. It’s weird to look back at all the reveals that have happened during the show. Remember when we all thought Ezra was A, but he was actually writing a book? Why did we wait so long just to find out there was a pig in the trunk? Oh, and don’t get us started on the reveal of Charlotte being Uber A.

While only Mona (Janel Parish) and Charlotte (Vanessa Ray) have only had the pleasure of being A, and a third character will be revealed on Tuesday, Marlene King has had some pretty shady, and shocking reveals that we still remember to this day. What are the best and worst reveals in the show’s history? We rank them below from worst to best:

Cece Drake (Charlotte / Charles) is Uber A? 

Do we even need to explain why we think this reveal was the worst? There are so many plot holes, and we are almost certain Charlotte lied to the girls just to look for sympathy.

‘A’ is Charles

We were promised so many answers in this episode, and instead, we got a random name of someone we don’t even know. Lame. 

Dr. Rollins is Evil 

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Okay, while this may have been shocking to some, it wasn’t for us. We kind of saw this coming, and we hated that Ali was even with him in the first place. We would love it if we actually never saw Archer Dunhill again.

Mona is Alive

We love Mona, and we were so sad when she had died. Then, in the Dollhouse episode, we discover she never actually died. Isn’t it always annoying when PLL resurrects a character? Mona was the second character they did this for, and in all honesty, it was kind of annoying.

Ezra is A (but not really) 

Okay, we must admit that we have always loved the idea of Ezra being A. So, this was kind of an exciting reveal for us. We had only wished that PLL would have stuck to this storyline because that would have been the most epic A reveal ever. But it turns out, he was only writing a book about the girls. Really? 

Toby is ‘A’

Toby being A is by far one of our favorite reveals in the show’s history. Even if it turned out to be false, this reveal will still go down as one of the greatest PLL moments ever. This happened right at the time where we still kind of trusted the reveals in the show, and it was brilliant. Sure, Toby wasn’t actually A, but he was working on the A team.

Mona is Dead

This reveal was heartbreaking. We love Mona, and we weren’t expecting her to go down this way. We now know she is okay, but at the time, we could hardly sit still in our seats after watching this gruesome murder. It hit us hard, and it’s a moment we will never forget.

Maya is Dead

This reveal couldn’t have come at the worst time for the girls. They had just found out that Mona was the original A, and now to know that Maya was the one they found dead? Heartbreaking. 

Alison is Alive

This reveal was a game-changer for the entire series. The story had shifted drastically to who ‘A’ was, to why ‘A’ was doing this to the girls, and now Ali is alive. This reveal breathed new life into the show. Ali sure knows how to make an entrance.

Mona is ‘A’ 

The big finale is going to be hard to top the first big ‘A’ reveal in PLL history. This reveal was scary heartbreaking but made sense all at once. It’s by far our favorite reveal ever.

What’s your favorite PLL reveal?

Don’t forget to watch the 2-hours series finale event on Freeform Tuesday, June 27 at 8pm ET. 




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