CREATION FESTIVAL 2017: An Interview with VERIDIA (+ Gallery)


Returning to the Creation Festival stage for the second year in a row was Nashville’s alternative rock band, VERIDIA. Comprised of Deena Jakoub (vocals), Brandon Brown (guitar), and Kyle Levy (drums), the trio constantly creates high energy performances that are engaging for audiences across the nation.

We met up with the band before their set on Friday of Creation Festival Northeast 2017 and chatted about the festival, their recent music, and upcoming releases.

For VERIDIA, festivals like this one are some of their favorite places to perform. “[Seeing] other bands and fans that we’ve met in the past and have become friends with over time is really cool,” Brandon states. “The good thing about festivals is that it’s just a gathering of people from all over the place. If you’re playing a club or something smaller, it’s only the people from that one city. But how many states have people traveled from to come to Creation, you know? It’s the gathering of community: old friends, making new friends, and sweating it out together”

“It’s the gathering of community: old friends, making new friends, and sweating it out together”

VERIDIA absolutely slayed their set on Creation’s Fringe Stage on Friday afternoon (see gallery below), despite the unique challenge of it being the first time performing as a three-piece without their other guitarist. “Yeah, we left him at a rest stop,” Kyle joked. “We just couldn’t spare the time to go back and get him!” Brandon joked along.

Having only three people performing worked out anyway, despite the new dynamic on stage. “The symmetry on stage is a lot easier”, Kyle reasoned. “But you’re presented with the challenge of filling the stage more. You’re literally coming up with extra energy to compensate for that missing person.” But energy was one thing the group definitely did not lack. Their intense performance did not falter in the slightest, and they kept the crowd engaged and grooving throughout their entire set.

Among the set list were many of their earlier songs, as well as newer releases like “Still Breathing,” their most recent single released in September 2016 (with an amazing music video that you can check out here). 

Deena wrote the song about the brutal truth of not being okay but still surviving. She explains, “It starts out saying ‘I don’t want to hear everything’s okay, because it’s not.’ And right now I’m not okay, I’m not 100% right now. But the song is about finding gratitude in the moment, and there’s something in this very second I can be grateful for. And if I hold onto that, my perspective will shift and I’ll be able to find joy for the next few moments.”

“There’s something in this very second I can be grateful for”

The song is very personal to Deena, and was written out of a really rough season in her  life – a time that actually got worse even after the song was released. “[The song] was kind of an anthem for me, a reminder of why I wrote it in the first place,” she said. “I feel like the only time that I’ve fully shared, lyrically, is when I’ve processed something I’ve been through and overcome it. There are moments where I haven’t overcome what I’ve gone through, but I’ll still find hope in the moment. So I share when I know someone else might benefit my pain or what I’ve gone through.”

The mindset and execution behind creating this song perfectly encapsulates a theme that strings throughout a lot of their music: the message of hope. “Some songs are just telling stories,” Brandon said. “But overall we want people to be encouraged by music [and] meet them where they’re at. If they can find comfort in our music, or be encouraged, or feel we can relate to them because of the message of the lyrics or the music…” then he considers their musical efforts to be a success.

We can expect much more impactful music from VERIDIA soon. Along with landing a new record deal, they have also been working on their very first full length album! Follow the band on social media for updates as they announce the new album release date!
Twitter: @VERIDIA
Instagram: @VERIDIA

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