REVIEW // The Shakers’ Brand New Track, “Guess Who”


It’s been a few months since we’ve caught up with south west London based band, The Shakers. Last time we checked in, they had generously premiered their previous single, “Banana Tsunami” with us. Both “Banana Tsunami” and their newest single “Guess Who,” will be featured on their forthcoming EP.

“Guess Who” is The Shakers’ ode to who they want to be in the ever-changing music industry. The band notes “Guess Who” is written about a time when we first started playing music together. We liked to play our way and have a lot of fun. Soon after, we started to play bigger and bigger shows and as things got slightly more serious we noticed the acts around us become more serious as well, almost as a reaction to the way the industry is. It seemed as if to get anywhere we would have to sacrifice an element of what made us us. Essentially to bend to what people expect bands to be these days. This song is our statement that we’re going to keep doing what we love the way we like it, and that for us that is enough.”

“Guess Who” has a favorable “live vibe” about it that makes the track even more memorable. The Shakers’ latest track puts the “70s” into the band’s self-described sound ‘Slacker Rock.’ As a band who prides themselves on being their own version of what the industry expects, The Shakers have succeeded in releasing a notable track that defies that expectation.

If you can’t get enough of The Shakers, you can catch them in and around London if you’re local. If not, just know that you can expect their Sophomore EP “Banana Tsunami” by the end of the year. For now, we’ll be jamming to “Guess Who.”

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