INTERVIEW // Dylan Diamond + Exclusive Behind the Scenes Look at “Video Games”


While talking to Dylan Diamond, it’s easy to forget that he’s just shy of thirteen years old. He’s wise beyond his years and he knows what he’s talking about, whether the topic be music or video games (he’s a self proclaimed heavy gamer). In getting to know Dylan, certain parts of his personality stood out, like his confidence in his craft and his jovial manner. When I asked him what makes his music unique, he joked, “the fact that it’s a kid with a surprisingly good voice for his age.”

Although we might not all have the chance to get to know Dylan personally, you can check out this behind the scenes footage from “Video Games,” exclusively on our site. When I asked Dylan about what we could expect to see in the footage, he said “It’s kind of going to open up how I am a very real person. It’s going to show what it’s like to record [a music video]. It’s going to show that it was a lot of fun and give more insight into the video.”

You can check out the exclusive footage below, and make sure to continue reading for my interview with Dylan Diamond!

Since I last wrote about Dylan Diamond, his music video for “Video Games” has racked up nearly 2 million views, which isn’t bad for an artist who has yet to drop an album. And Dylan is inclined to agree — he says, “It was an achievement. I definitely feel good about how it’s gotten that far in a pretty short amount of time.”

Since starting vocal lessons at the age of nine, Dylan has been connecting to industry professionals who sing his praises, such as Poo Bear, who has cowritten songs like “What Do You Mean” by Justin Bieber. Dylan recalls, “the first day I went in and recorded a song [with Poo Bear], he told my dad ‘Dylan is amazing… God put him on this Earth to make music.’ I appreciate how much faith Poo Bear has in me.”

In between recording music and shooting videos, Dylan is active in the YouTube community, where he posts both original music and gameplay videos. As an Nintendo Ambassador, Dylan has the opportunity to beta test the newest games weeks before they are released. Being an avid gamer, this is a huge honor for Dylan, who has gone as far as to buy gaming equipment from the retro store that served as the set of “Video Games.”

Other scenes in the video were shot on Logan Paul’s bus, which he is seen driving in both the music video and the behind the scenes footage. Logan, who wanted to get his bus customized and repaired at Dylan’s dad’s shop, offered the bus, complete with a ball pit, for the shoot. “After we shot the music video, we actually took all of the balls out and now they’re in my office,” Dylan spilled.

Christian Del Grosso and Jordyn Jones, who plays Dylan’s love interest, are also featured in the music video. As friends of the family, Christian, Jordyn, and Logan made the process much more comfortable for Dylan. “The overall experience was definitely uplifting and it was something new,” he explains, “It was fun because I was able to record the music video with some of my closest friends and that made it a lot easier to not get that nervous. It was cool to be able to share that experience with them.”

Even though Dylan Diamond is still riding out the wave of “Video Games,” he is gearing up to release another video that sort of serves as another part to a series. His next release? A collaboration with Post Malone! Even though Dylan can’t say much more, we’re excited to see where he takes his career next.

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