LOCAL SCENE // NJ Based Band Callout at RallyFest

Becky Khusidman ; lead singer/guitar

When Callout drummer Brian Carter approached me and asked if I’d be willing to cover RallyFest, I knew that I couldn’t say no. For one, I had heard of Callout before through mutual friends. And I also have a hard time passing on passionate people. So off to RiotFest I went.

Callout, who is in the studio for the next month recording their next release, opened their set with a piano ballad that turned into a smash. Becky’s switch between the piano and the electric guitar might have been a bit awkward, but she made up for that through her interactions with the crowd. The stop-and-gos of the show’s opener really showcased how in sync the band was with each other. You could tell that they have been playing together for a while.

Callout maintained their infectious energy throughout the whole performance, joking with the crowd and owning the stage like true professionals. Towards the middle of the set, Callout brought up Bryan Carroll of Pixel Face, who took the lead on the band’s short cover of “Highway to Hell.” The cover was a part of a montage that included Blondie’s “Call Me,” which was sung by Callout’s lead singer Becky.

Afterwards, Becky did a stunning acoustic rendition of her song “Free,” which she dedicated to a friend in the audience. It was at this point that the rest of the band got prepared for the rest of the set, bringing out white balloons, a t shirt gun (which kind of made the audience run away), and confetti poppers, which they used for the show’s finale.

Callout has an unmatched stage presence that makes them stand apart from the rest of the bands in their local scene. Callout is all about making their audience have the most fun possible and provides sort of an organized chaos while they’re on stage.

Talent and commitment to the craft goes hand in hand when it comes to the music scene, and Callout definitely has both of these on lock.

the above pictures were taken by Tara Lakatos of Rock DNA Photography

You can catch up with Callout on social media here:

Web ↠ www.calloutband.com
Facebook ↠ www.facebook.com/calloutband
Instagram ↠ www.instagram.com/calloutband
Twitter ↠ www.twitter.com/calloutband
YouTube ↠ www.youtube.com/calloutband
Bandcamp ↠ www.calloutband.bandcamp.com



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