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Nova Miller might only be sixteen, but she’s already juggling more than most people do in their lifetime. Nova plays three different instruments, has toured with some of the internet’s most famous stars, and attends a performing arts high school that boasts graduates like Tove Lo and Robyn.

Recently, Nova Miller released the 70s inspired music video for her track “Anything For U.” The song itself showcases Nova’s incredible vocal range (it’s 5 octaves), while the video gives us a peek into her old soul and young, lively spirit. As her name suggests, Nova is a budding star who is destined to shine brighter from here on out.

Check out our interview with Nova Miller below!

BCT: You grew up with professional musicians as parents. What kind of music did they make and did their music influence your own sound at all?

Nova Miller: My mom plays mostly classical and folk music and my dad enjoys playing jazz but plays pretty much everything. I definitely feel I can reference music from lots of different genres which definitely influences my own sound. I think it’s really important to do your homework and learn about the classics, who was influenced by who. For example, I am inspired by Bruno Mars. Bruno Mars was inspired by Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson was inspired by James Brown. You get the gist!

BCT: Let’s talk about how you got “discovered.” How did you get connected with 21:12 Entertainment?

Nova Miller: Wow, still can’t believe it happened! I like to dance and when I was around 12 years old, I was lucky enough to be approached by my now manager Lolene after one of my dance classes. I told her I could sing as well, so she invited me over to the studio to play for her and the rest is history! Shout out to Lolene, she’s the realest.

BCT: As a high school student, how are you able to balance your music career and your school work?

Nova Miller: I’ve actually just started at a music high school here in Stockholm that is familiar with having signed artists as students (Tove Lo, Icona Pop, Robyn) so they’re very understanding of my situation which I’m grateful for. As long as I complete the work they give me, they don’t usually have a problem.

BCT: You play the violin, as well as the guitar and the piano. What pushed you to learn so many different instruments? What instrument is your favorite to write music on?

Nova Miller: Yes, that’s right. Well, since I have a musical family I’ve always been surrounded by many different instruments and seen from an early age that you don’t need to be limited to only one. I was naturally drawn to the guitar and it will always be my best friend (cliche, I know) so for that reason, the guitar is my favorite for writing songs.

BCT: What was it like opening for artists like Jacob Sartorius and Jack and Jack? And what’s your favorite and least favorite part about touring?

Nova Miller: It was surreal! They are all such nice boys and have the best fans ever. My favorite part is standing on stage, that’s where I feel at home and can really connect with the fans. My least favorite part is that sometimes it’s hard to get vegan food on the road.

BCT: Let’s talk about your new single “Anything For U!” What does the song mean to you?

Nova Miller: Yes!! First off, I love this song and I’m so proud of it. For me it’s all about that beginning stage of a relationship where the other person is a bit more chill but you just wanna tell them ‘I’d do anything for u!” Well, almost anything. It’s basically about catching feels and shouting it from the rooftop.

BCT: What inspired the “70s” vibes in the music video?

Nova Miller: I’m totally obsessed with vintage, thrift shop fashion so that’s kind of where it started. Also, the basslines and bell bottoms, etc. So obviously the first scene is a nod to the iconic Soul Train, then we have my “Rock With You” / Michael Jackson inspired look with the bling and the green lights and finally my Donna Summers glamorous moon scene. If you can’t tell, I was LIVING.

BCT: I heard that you recently performed your first show in the US! Where did you play and what was the audience’s reaction like?

Nova Miller: Yes, exactly! I played at the legendary Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles in front of the best crowd I could ever ask for. It was a mix of fans, friends, and industry folks so I wasn’t sure how they would react, but the response was super positive. I’m still riding the high from that show haha!

BCT: As an anti-bullying advocate, what do you do to help combat bullying?

Nova Miller: A lot of people don’t realize but I’ve been really badly bullied at school. I used to faint in school from all of the anxiety it would give me. So one day I realized, I have this growing platform that I should use to speak up for the people who can’t.

BCT: As a “storyteller’ myself, I’m curious as to what makes storytelling through music so important to you?

Nova Miller: I think the storytelling in music is all about giving someone what they need in that moment, whether it’s a break from their reality, a friend, inspiration, or a reason to dance, I want to be able to use my gift to make a positive impact on other people, whatever that may be.

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