ORDINARY PEOPLE, EXTRAORDINARY THINGS // Sink In Releases First Full Length Album


L.A.-based pop punk band, Sink In, is set to release their first ever full length album on September 29th. This album is also their label debut under Standby Records.

Last month they dropped the first single from the album, “Higher,” along with a music video for the track. Tomorrow, a second music video from the album will be released for the next single, “On The Radio” feat. DAVII.

The new album, titled Ordinary People, Extraordinary Things has been in the works for over a year. The band performed songs from the new album on their tour this past summer, testing out the content on fresh audiences.

The album opens with an introduction voiceover from Jim Valvano, former basketball coach at North Carolina State, quoting parts of his memorable ESPY speech in 1993 (you can watch the speech here). He says, “Hopefully, at the end, I will have said something that will be important to other people too.” This is extremely reminiscent of Sink In’s song “Wither” off their EP Wide Eyes, which also appears as a bonus track on this album, and whose chorus goes “All I want is to know I meant something to somebody else.” The OPET title track ends with a quote that young Jim Valvano heard when he was sixteen from Olympic gold medalist Bob Richards – “Every single day, in every walk of life, ordinary people do extraordinary things.” This statement transitions seamlessly into the first song and sets the tone for the rest of the album.

“Higher” is the perfect first song on the album, with catchy chorus and dynamic vocals. The track was released earlier this month as the first single from the album (you can watch the music video below). It clearly contains the signature Sink In sound, but more refined than ever before.

The fourth track on the album, “Up There,” is a jam that addictively persuades you to sing along every single time. Slipping in a nod to Disney, the song features the lines “She promises to be around / and whispers ‘You’re my greatest adventure’ / Up there, they fly like they’re in a movie”. The “woah oh oh” chant at the beginning and end of the song is guaranteed to get audiences to make some noise.

“Love Lust” is the first collaboration song on the album, featuring Evan Baker from American Arson. The song touches on love, temptation, and wanting to be a better person. The heart-wrenching bridge sung by Baker personifies the Father who gave up everything in order for his child to live, and is now questioning why it’s all being thrown away for nothing.

“You have your whole life…”

“On The Radio” features DAVII, a dance/electronic artist who brings a distinctive contrasting sound that complements Sink In in this collaboration. His style influence on this track produces a vibey dance song different from anything we’ve heard from Sink In before.

The boys of Sink In strip down their sound on the last new track on the album, “Glory Follows”. The heavy song reflects on struggles and failure, dreams and hope. It feels like the perfect closing song for the album, as it gives closure to a chapter in life.

The entire album is compelling, well-composed, and reflects evidently the growth of the band as a whole. They’ve clearly developed their sound, and sank every piece of themselves into this album with no intent of holding back.

What are the band’s favorite songs off the new album to perform live?

“Brett: ‘Get Out.’
Stefano: ‘Get Out.’
Tighe: ‘Higher.’
Stefano: Or ‘Higher.’ Either one. They’re both jams.”

Since performing music from this new, unreleased album on their summer tour, the band reports that people have been responding positively to the “new and improved Sink In.” When we talked with the band this summer at Creation Festival Northeast, frontman Tight Eshelman said, “I feel like this is the first time we’re being able to express that – a very obvious, Sink In sound. I think we’re all really excited about that, that we’re able to keep everything so connected and create something that we feel proud of.”

The band will be adding concert dates this fall in support of the new album.

Be sure to check out their new album, Ordinary People, Extraordinary Things when it drops on September 29th! Available on all music streaming platforms.

1. O.P.E.T
2. Higher
3. Get Out!
4. Up There
5. Love Lust (feat. Evan Baker)
6. On The Radio (feat. DAVII)
7. Tell The Kids
8. Off The Deep End
9. Here & Now
10. Glory Follows
11. Wither (Bonus Track)
12. Castaway (Bonus Track)


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