INTERVIEW // Cub Sport’s Lead Singer Tim Nelson Speaks About New Album ‘BATS’


In a world where we can’t all marry who we love, Australia’s Cub Sport is fighting back and representing the LGBTQ community through their music. Cub Sport’s highly anticipated newest release, BATS dropped today, following single releases, music videos, and press with huge outlets like E News and Triple J.

BATS is intentional in its storytelling and boasts honest songs about love and self discovery. The album tells the story of lead singer Tim Nelson’s personal journey through coming out as gay and being in a relationship with best friend and fellow band member Bolan Netterfield. The pair is now happily engaged and passionate about LBGTQ rights and achieving marriage equality in their home country of Australia.

I had a chat with lead singer Tim Nelson about his inspirations, coming out, and being an independent band in today’s music industry. Check it out below while you listen to BATS!

BCT: Growing up in Australia, what kind of music were you exposed to?

Tim Nelson: My favourite artists when I was growing up were Aqua, Britney, Destiny’s Child and Shania Twain. When I was 9 I sold all of my Pokemon cards so I could buy Shania’s entire discography. My biggest musical inspirations these days are Frank Ocean, Solange, SZA, Lorde, Perfume Genius, Kanye and the list goes on!

‘When I was 9, I sold all of my pokemon cards so i could buy shania [twain’s] entire discography’

BCT: Your song “O Lord” was written in the wake of your coming out as gay, making this a very personal subject. Tell us a little more about the song and what it means to you as a band.

Tim Nelson: Yeah, I wrote “O Lord” a few months after coming out — it was a really emotional time for me. I was finally in a relationship with the love of my life with the full love and support of my friends and family and it felt like I suddenly had everything I’d ever wanted but what I didn’t expect was the feeling of then having everything to lose. “O Lord” became my way of processing those feelings.

BCT: The music video for “O Lord” has some stunning visuals. How do you think the video exemplifies the meaning behind the song?

Tim Nelson: Thank you! We made it with our good friend Joe Agius.

Being our first music video since coming out, we want it to be a celebration of the place we’d come to with accepting and loving ourselves as gay men. It was really important that the video captured the fragile, confusing happiness that inspired the song — I feel like the intimacy and aesthetic really exemplify the feeling of the song.

BCT: What do you consider to be the most formative moment in your career so far?

Tim Nelson: Coming out as gay allowed a lot of growth and development personally and creatively, so I feel like that is probably it! Releasing “O Lord” and its accompanying video felt like a real marker of that.

BCT: How does BATS differ from that of your previous release This is Our Vice?

Tim Nelson: BATS feels like it’s really true to me as a person and as a musician. I recorded and produced most of the album at home and I feel like there’s an aura of honesty and intimacy that comes with that. The songs follow a really significant time in my life from when I realised I was gay and in love with my best friend/band mate Bolan (Sam), to finally acknowledging the situation a year later, to then coming out and getting together. Throw in navigating your 20s and attempting a career in music — there ends up being a lot to write about! Stylistically, it feels like there’s more space in the music and there are some smoother R&B/soul influences thrown in the mix. I’m super excited to be sharing these songs!

‘I recorded and produced most of the album at home and i feel like there’s an aura of honesty and intimacy that comes with that’

BCT: How do you think being an independent band changes the path of your music career?

Tim Nelson: It has allowed us to have complete control and make all decision based on our intuition and feelings. It can be scary because it’s a lot of responsibility and work, but it’s super rewarding.

BCT: What can fans expect from the new album?

Tim Nelson: I would describe it as an intimate, unhindered sonic exploration inspired by experiences of self-doubt, growth, partying, coming out, learning the power of self-acceptance, self-belief and falling in love.

BCT: What do you all have planned for the rest of the year surrounding the release of BATS? Anything that you can spill?

Tim Nelson: Nothing we can let slip just yet but it’s shaping up to be pretty busy!

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