“Big Things To Look Back On,” an Interview with Internet Sensations Max & Harvey


Today, Max and Harvey released a brand new song called “Stuck on the Ceiling,” which Max says is “about having fun and the equivalent of ‘bouncing off the walls.’” The song is an upbeat acoustic track with infusions of Bollywood-style instrumentals. The chorus shows off Max and Harvey’s harmonies and their voices blend together in a way that only family can achieve. The track follows Max and Harvey’s previous single “One Day In Love,” which was released last December. Max and Harvey cowrote “One Day in Love” with Jordan Andrews.

You can check out the music video below! The video features the boys’ s friends from musical.ly Ava Foley, Zach Clayton, The Perkins Sisters, Miss Jayden B, and casey Simpson dancing around to the catchy track. Then, be sure to read our exclusive interview with the gents.

Identical twins Max and Harvey Mills are some of the hardest working people you’ll ever meet. This year alone, they were featured creators at VidCon, filmed a documentary with the BBC, were nominated for a Shorty Award for “Muser of the Year,” and wrote a book. It’s almost hard to believe that Max and Harvey are 14 years old.

Growing up in the UK, Max and Harvey have been passionate about performing as long as they can remember. “When we were younger our dad was in the [entertainment] business, so we decided to follow in his footsteps. We did a few West End shows and tours when we were younger and some TV & advertisements that really boosted our confidence,” Max says.

That confidence boost led them to social media. With their goofy personalities and the harmonies that they’ve been perfecting since they were five, Max and Harvey started to post videos on both YouTube and musical.ly. With over 4 million followers on musical.ly and 227,000 subscribers on YouTube, the twins gain approximately 10,000 fans a day on their social media platforms.

Part of the formula to their success is keeping up to date with the latest social media apps and trends. Not only did Max and Harvey start posting on musical.ly at the height of its popularity, but they also uploaded videos during the second coming of YouTube popularity. Social media trends can be hard to read for seasoned professionals, but Max and Harvey seem to have a knack for knowing when to make their next big move. Harvey says, “The world of social media is changing so rapidly, we have no clue what’s next and what people could come up with next. We do know that this generation is slowly moving into the social media world completely and it will be a big thing to look back on in the future.”

Through their social media accounts, Max and Harvey get up close and personal with their fanbase, something that’s hard to do when you have millions of followers. In an effort to let their fans into their daily lives, Max and Harvey filmed a documentary called “Max and Harvey (In A Show)” with the BBC, which will premiere on October 30th. Although the twins are comfortable in front of a camera, it was a unique experience for them to film a documentary. Harvey explains, “We’d never had people following us like that with cameras. Our fans can expect to see a lot about what we’ve been doing this year for them, like recording new songs and shows and loads of other cool events we’ve had the honour of performing at!”

Max and Harvey are also releasing a book called “Max and Harvey (In a Book)” through Penguin Random House on October 19th in the UK. The book will delve into what the boys have been working on for the past year and share some never before heard facts (like what Max’s favorite vegetable is). If you’re not sold yet, the book also features Golden Retriever puppies!!

For the rest of the year, Max and Harvey will be going on a short book signing tour, as well as working on even more new music for their fans. Max explains, “We are writing with other writers at the moment to come up with some amazing new songs. We are learning new techniques with all of the different writers we are working with.” Harvey adds, “We’ve [also] been working with incredible producers to make so many new things for you guys to (hopefully) enjoy!”

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