ALBUM REVIEW // Daphne Willis’ “Freaks Like Me”


Last Friday, vocal powerhouse Daphne Willis released her brand new album, Freaks Like Me. If her name sounds familiar, it might be because you’ve heard her singles “Somebody’s Someone” and “Dopamine,” which were released ahead of the album.

Freaks Like Me consists of nine tracks, each more unique than the last. Album namesake “Freaks Like Me” opens the record on a creepy note. The track has some serious creepy dollhouse vibes, and totally would have made the Pretty Little Liars soundtrack if the show didn’t end this year. “Freaks Like Me” strays away from the traditional verse/chorus/verse/chorus structure of a typical pop song, instead employing a style that’s unique to Daphne Willis. The song’s hook is sure to be stuck in your head for days and will leave you wanting more.

“I’ll be waiting with an open invitation from all the other freaks like me”

“Dopamine” takes the comparison of a person to a drug to an entirely different level. The track’s instrumentals and catchy melody combine forces in a way that ought to make Maroon 5 jealous. As her second single, “Dopamine” is ‘drug’ in and of itself.

The album continues with “Out of the Black,” an upbeat track about unabashed positivity in the face of hardship. Following “Out of the Black” is Willis’ viral single “Somebody’s Someone.” The song, which is about struggles that people face everyday — mental illness, homelessness, addiction, or all of the above. The song has hit home for people who relate to the song’s story and to their loved ones alike. Lyrics like “you’re somebody’s brother, somebody’s song, somebody’s mother, father, somebody’s someone” humanize people who we interact with on a daily basis but might not think twice about. This kind of positivity is a theme throughout the album.

“Keep On Keepin’ On” has a surfy kind of vibe, complete with a chorus and a horns section. Perhaps one of Willis’ biggest strengths as a musician is creating instrumentals that match the mood and meaning of the song. This is especially evident in “Keep On Keepin’ On.” “Unafraid” is another track that has powerful instrumentals. The song itself starts out a bit on the slower side, but it gets more upbeat as the positive message shines through in the chorus.

Album closer, “The Letter” is an honest and emotional take on a breakup. It’s very fitting that Freaks Like Me‘s final track is about closure. The lyrics are relatable to anybody who’s gone through a breakup with somebody that they still love.

“I don’t know if you’ll get this letter / but it’s the only thing keeping me together / I don’t need to see you, you don’t need to call / I don’t need a response at all.”

As a whole, “Freaks Like Me” is some of Daphne Willis’ best work. From beginning to end, Daphne Willis gives us everything she has. Her lyrics are deeply personal and her vocals get better and better with each song. We’re excited to see where Daphne Willis’s music takes her. We definitely sense another viral hit in her future!

You can stream Freaks Like Me on Spotify and all other streaming platforms.