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In the ever-changing music industry, mega-fame can be achieved in a variety of different ways. Social media opens up a profitable world of brand deals to influencers and record deals to musicians, all while keeping the talent up close and personal with their fanbase.

Like many others, aspiring musician Josephina took to social media to share her talents. Although she grew up listening to YouTube artists and recording her own videos in front of her family computer, Josephina found her comfort zone in the now defunct app Vine. After giving herself a pep talk — “Hey girl, it’s only six seconds, why not just do it and see what people think?” — Josephina posted her first few Vines, which started to gain traction.

Soon enough, writers and producers in Los Angeles started to take notice. When she was 16, Josephina made her way out to Los Angeles in order to further her music career. When she sat down for her first cowriting session, she knew that she wanted to dedicate her life to creating music that connects with her fans. “Music should be more descriptive and more poetic. That’s something that’s very important to me in my music,” she says, “Yes, it means something to me but it could mean something totally different to someone else.”

Her first single, “Woosah,” which she wrote and recorded with PILO and Trey Campbell was released late last month.

The word ‘woosah’ began its rise to popularity in the 2003 hit movie Bad Boys II. The term traditionally means “chill out” or “calm down,” but to Josephina, it takes on an even deeper meaning. She explains, “for me, ‘Woosah’ means relax, have a good time with your friends, have confidence. There’s no point in not feeling good about yourself because everybody should feel good about themselves.” And “Woosah” definitely exudes that brand of confidence — the opening line is ‘I never run from a fight / always got my heels high.’

The track’s music video has laid back vibes in a high class environment, which is the product of how well everybody worked together on set. The people that Josephina worked with were passionate about showcasing the song in a way that felt natural. “It was kind of like writing a song but completely different,” Josephina admits, “You kind of have to go in and it’s your moment to portray the energy of the song. This is your chance to say ‘okay, this is what I see.’”

Although Josephina’s professional career is just beginning, she is positive that she made the right choice for her first single.

“It’s really scary introducing yourself to the world as a new artist and I think it was important for me to go with something that wasn’t too dark or too up-tempo.”

As the end of the year approaches, Josephina is preparing to release even more music, which she’s planning on releasing on an EP sometime early next year. And for that, she’s thankful. “I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be here today and creating music and sharing my music with everybody. I can’t wait to share even more.”

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