PREMIERE // Indian Run’s “Been Alright” + Interview


South Jersey-based solo project Indian Run is already making waves in his local scene. The project’s frontman, Shane Becker produces, writes, and provides the instrumentation that you hear on the tracks that he releases. His newest single, “Been Alright” will be released on streaming platforms everywhere tomorrow, but we had the opportunity to premiere the track exclusively on our site, so you can listen to it below!


Becker has been performing for years, first from the comfort of his home when he was 4 years old and he started playing the drums. “I think it was a talent I just had. I just kind of knew how to play music. I just kind of built the craft and kept playing,” he says.

Since he was very young when he started playing the drums, Becker did had some lessons, but for the most part, he taught himself how to play guitar and sing, as well as produce all on his own. His only mentor, he says, was YouTube.

As Becker’s music taste has evolved, so has the music of Indian Run. While he was in high school, Becker was in a post-hardcore band that took its influence from bands like Circa Survive.  And although all of the band’s members went on to work on their own projects, that influence still sneaks its way into Indian Run’s music from time to time, especially through “Been Alright.”

The song’s meaning is simple: be yourself and learn from your past. The video, which was shot in a suburb outside of Atlantic City, echoes the song’s meaning and amplifies its message.  “I wanted the visual effects to fit the aesthetic that everyone’s seeing online. When they see the video, it takes it to a whole other level… The song is just the beginning and the video completes it. Even if you don’t get the meaning, you’ll still get the emotion,” he explains. The video is set to release in a few weeks.

As for more new music, Becker says that he’s hoping to release more and more new songs in the coming months. He says, “what I’ve realized as I’ve been writing music now is that I’ve got to be able to go back to my style where I just wrote whatever I wanted to and what I was feeling. That’s something I learned — it’s not as much the style as it is what I’m feeling.”

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