REVIEW // Ashley Leone’s “Drown In You”


Today Ashley Leone released her newest single, “Drown In You.” The track, which is a collaboration of sorts with Kyle Jefferson, is honest take about being in love and obsessed, even if it’s just for one night.

“Kissing in the hallway up in Harlem / say you gotta go but we just keep stalling / we got one night only.”

Radio-ready “Drown In You” definitely has R&B influences. The instrumentation of the track itself is steady and keeps the song flowing in an ear-pleasing way. Leone’s voice blends together with the music seamlessly.

As a single, “Drown In You” has the potential to take Ashley Leone straight to the top.

You can stream “Drown In You” on Spotify or Apple Music.

You can read our interview with Ashley Leone in Issue 10 of our magazine here!



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