EP REVIEW // Althea Grace’s “Dreamers”


Two years after the release of her solo album Running the Show, Althea Grace has released her new EP, Dreamers. The EP gives us a look into the evolution of her music. Althea Grace, who is now 18, released her first self-produced album when she was 15 years old. The EP as a whole maintains the charm of Althea’s first release, but takes its blues influences and makes them more contemporary.

The Dreamers EP opens with “Blow Them All Away” which was released on Live for Live Music’s website a few days before the release of the full EP. The song is about the beginning of a  relationship. “I’ve got a pack if you’ve got a light / I’m going to take you home tonight,” the song opens. “Blow Them All Away” shows the maturity in Althea Grace as a woman just as much as the album as a whole shows the maturity of her music.

“Dreamers” is a song about growing up and loving yourself, regardless of whatever anybody else says. This idea definitely serves as a central theme of the album as a whole. In this upbeat, positive track, Althea Grace sings “We’re the dreamers / we’re believers / we’re the lovers / we’re the fighters.”

“Hold Me” is perhaps where the blues influences are most prevalent on the EP. An emotional track about unreciprocated love, “Hold Me” gets to the heart of the emotions through Althea’s poignant vocals and lyrics. As a standout track on the album, “Hold Me” is another perfect example of Althea Grace’s growth as an artist.

Album closer, “Trapped,” is an upbeat ditty about feeling stuck where you are in a relationship and finding the strength to leave. Althea sings “Living on my own just ain’t easy to do / I can’t stand the thought of us being two / baby I’ll do fine all by myself / cause I can’t stand the thought of us being two.” The chorus brings in carefully crafted harmonies to its simple and to-the-point chorus. The song itself is the perfect closer to the kind of EP that Althea Grace was born to release.


You can stream Althea Grace’s Dreamers EP on Spotify below:



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