INTERVIEW // Anna / Kate Band

Photo Credit ↠ Melina Nastazia

The Anna / Kate Band are extremely focused on changing the world’s perceptions about the LGBTQ+ community through their music. The band itself is a self-proclaimed “queer pop-folk band.” Kate says “It was very important for Anna and me, as queer individuals, to add to queer representation and different artistic mediums, specifically in music, and to acknowledge that this was a queer-led band.”

Anna and Kate are the only members of their band who identify as queer. But this is not to say that there is a divide between the band members. “What’s cool is our band members, who don’t identify with being queen, also don’t apologize for the fact that they’re in a queer band. They have that understanding,” Kate explains. Anna, Kate, and their band members Bryan, Mark, Kelly, and Temi regularly take inspiration from their peers in the LGBTQ+ community through both their artistry and activism.

The band’s most recent release is their single “I Run With You.” The band started writing the song itself over four years ago but it wasn’t finished until recently. “We always had a dream of finishing it, and, with the current administration and our feelings about it — festering for the first few months after [the election], we thought, ‘let’s finish it,” Anna explains.

The song is about everyone coming together and taking care of each other,  taking care of someone who may not have all the privileges, and overall just being there for each other and running with each other.”

The Anna / Kate Band writes about real life experiences and gets to the heart of what really matters. “We make music about love stories and queer love stories, and we also make music about the love story that, hopefully, you’re building with yourself. But also, we make music about what you can do when you have to stand up and fight for yourself, but also when you know you have to stand up and fight for your communities,” Kate says. 

The Anna / Kate Band is gearing up for the release of their debut album How to Hold, which will be released next year. To get updates on the new album and to connect with The Anna / Kate Band, you can follow them on social media at:

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