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18 year old Gabi Sklar is like most young women her age — juggling college classes and a job. Gabi’s job? Her blossoming music career.

After moving from New York to Miami for school, Sklar released her infectious new single “Liberteens” this fall. If this song is any indication, Sklar is gearing up for big things in 2018!

Check out our interview with Gabi Sklar below (after watching the video for “Liberteens” of course)!

BCT: Where did you grow up? How is the music scene in Miami different from that of your hometown?

Gabi Sklar: My favorite place in the world, New York. I think right now, there is such an urban, R&B shift in New York. Also, the industry has almost completely moved West; Miami is a lot more Latin and EDM influenced. It’s cool because I can get both. I go back to New York and I still have that culture but when i’m in Miami, I can get an entirely different culture— It’s the best of both worlds.

BCT: So, you just started your freshmen year of college. How do you balance your music career and your schoolwork?

Gabi Sklar: I always told myself that education is extremely important and no matter what happened in my career, I’d go to college. I’m not gonna lie, it’s extremely difficult. I think it’s a lot about time management and making sacrifices. Sometimes, I may not go to this party but i’ll be writing an awesome song instead. Of course, my experiences influence my music and vise versa but to me, music is the priority.

BCT: Let’s talk about “Liberteens!” Where did you get the inspiration for the song? What was the writing process like?

Gabi Sklar: “Liberteens” is basically a part one to a novel of stories from high school and my teenage years. I wrote the song when I was sixteen (I’m eighteen now) and it was about my hardships; the best and worst moments of being sixteen and how it shapes you into adulthood.

BCT: We love the music video! What was the atmosphere like on set? Where did you shoot the video?

Gabi Sklar: We actually went out to LA to shoot the video and it was definitely a new experience for me because I’d never had a production so epic and big. There were champagne bottles, confetti, etc. In one word, it was madness and I absolutely adored it.

BCT: How involved were you in the creative process when it came to the music video? What was it like working with Lanz Pierce? Where did you find your inspiration?

Gabi Sklar: Lanz came to me with this idea and said to me, ok so you wrote a song “Liberteens” but have you ever searched up what a libertine is? The song is meant to reveal that a libertine transcends any generation and we wanted to match the concept to a super cool visual. Marie Antionette was quite the libertine herself so we did our research, and from there we had our idea. I am inspired by things that are unique and different. The video was everything I wanted and more.

BCT: So a while back, you traveled to China for a 10-date tour. That’s exciting! How did that opportunity come about? Did the language barrier effect your performances/you connecting with fans?

Gabi Sklar: I was contacted by a music school I went to for most of my childhood and they said they were organizing a trip to China. First of all, if it involves me traveling to a place I’ve never been before, I’m in. If it involves me traveling and doing what I love to do, it’s a no-brainer. I actually found that the only problem the language barrier contributed to was ordering food. The music on the other hand was able to unify and overshadow our lingual and cultural differences. It was such a surreal and humbling experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

BCT: Your vocal coach is Don Lawrence — who has worked with Lady GaGa and Mark Ronson. How did you meet him? What’s the most important thing that he’s taught you?

Gabi Sklar: He just taught me an entirely different way of thinking and singing. He took what I had, help me enhance it, and added so much technique. I never realized how important technique is because without it, you don’t have longevity in singing or a career. More than just singing, he taught me to be diligent and not to be afraid to mess up and i’m forever thankful for that.

BCT: What’s coming up for you in the new year?

Gabi Sklar: My manager just called me the other day and we have a lot in the works which is so exciting. I’m planning on releasing a few singles and we’re working on a bunch of cool projects, but I can’t give too much away!

You can catch up with Gabi on social media here:

WEB ↠ www.gabisklar.com
TWITTER ↠ www.twitter.com/gabisklar
INSTAGRAM ↠ www.instagram.com/gabisklar
FACEBOOK ↠ www.facebook.com/gabisklarofficial
YOUTUBE ↠ Gabi Sklar Vevo
SOUNDCLOUD ↠ www.soundcloud.com/gabisklarmusic



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