INTERVIEW // Katy Rose


You might not know of Katy Rose, but you’ve definitely heard her music. Songs from her first album like “Overdrive” and “Lemon” are featured in cult classics Thirteen and Mean Girls. Raised by parents who were familiar with the music industry, Katy found her passion for poetry, which turned into songwriting when she was 13. Since then, Katy has been forging her own path forward and mixing her knack for lyrics and melodies to the ears of her fans.

Check out our interview with Katy Rose here:

BCT: Your song “Overdrive” is one of the defining songs on the Mean Girls soundtrack. What’s it like having a song in a movie that has really stood the test of time and is a cult classic?

Katy Rose: It’s completely surprising and surreal to me still! I just feel really lucky!

BCT: You split your time between Paris and LA. Those seem like two completely different worlds. How are the two different and how are they similar?

Katy Rose: Paris and LA are very, very different in most ways. The word does seem to get smaller and smaller every year, though. I feel like there’s a new hipster coffee joint or raw juice bar popping up all the time in Le Marais or the 11e in Paris. I do feel a bit sad about they way I’ve seen big, western cities become “more LA,” if you will. There’s definitely a part of me that secretly is very happy that there are a few places in Paris where I can get a coconut milk latte now, though! I am a huge history enthusiast and spend most of my time reading history books, so I must say that I prefer Paris for its dense and luscious past and historical, beautiful architecture. LA is new and hip, but it will still always be my hometown. I have more personal history in LA! They’re both great.

BCT: Growing up in a musical family, did you feel like there was sort of a pressure to be involved in the music world, or did you find your voice on your own?

Katy Rose: There was absolutely never any pressure to be involved in the music business while I was growing up. Though I was literally raised inside a recording studio, my parents were amazing at supporting whatever extracurricular activities my sister and I wanted to explore. I actually thought that I might be a novelist or journalist when I grew up. The poetry I wrote just naturally became musical, and my songwriting career took off when I was so young, I just went for it! I’m lucky to have parents who were involved in the arts and not scared to champion my sister and I in our pursuits.

BCT: I hear that you also have an interest in fashion! When did his passion start for you?

Katy Rose: I’d say that my interest in fashion is more interlinked to my passion for history than anything else! I love imagining the lives of whomever else owned the vintage coats and kimonos (etc) that I have. I also live in Paris. It’s really difficult to not (at least) appreciate fashion as an art when you live here.

BCT: Since you’re also passionate about traveling, where are some of you favorite places you’ve been to? Is there anywhere you’re dying to explore?

Katy Rose: I JUST put down roots with my partner for the first time in almost a decade. We settled on Paris, so I’d say that that’s certainly one of my favorite places I’ve traveled! A few years ago, I wrote a record in an abandoned church in a tiny village on the southern coast of Sweden called Kristianopel. I loved it. I also am a huge fan of the Scottish countryside and small Irish villages like Dingle. Costa Rica is really fab if you’re into a good adventure. I accidentally white water rafter there with fat crocodiles!

BCT: Last summer, you released a cover of The National’s “Fireproof.” The song itself takes a bit of a departure from your own unique musical style. Why did you choose this song in particular?

Katy Rose: I just think the song is brilliant and I couldn’t get it out of my head. My boyfriend played it for me on a trip across the USA we did, and it haunted me!

BCT: You’ve been making music for a while now. How has your music changed over the years, from when you started making music, to “Overdrive,” to songs like “Bleed” and “Somebody Got There First?”

Katy Rose: Oh, I like to hope that my music and and songwriting has evolved with me. I started releasing and putting out music when I was thirteen or so, so just as I’ve changed in what matters to me and what I think is important to focus on and say, so too has (hopefully) my music.

BCT: What’s coming up next for you, whether it be with music or any other projects?

Katy Rose: I’m releasing a new single and video that I made with Croatian duo, The 2Cellos, very soon! Otherwise, I am helping my boyfriend make furniture for our flat and waiting for the ice to thaw in Paris!

BCT: Let’s play a round of “This or That.” Antique Furniture or Ikea Furniture?

Katy Rose: Antique or homemade! I’ve been really exploring the joy of woodworking lately. It’s so satisfying to make something yourself. I also love perusing the flea markets in Paris. The antique furniture section is pretty unsurpassed.

BCT: 90s pop or 2000s pop?

Katy Rose: 90s! How is Hanson’s “Middle of Nowhere” not appreciated as one of the greatest pop albums of all time?

BCT: LA or UK?

Katy Rose: UK.

BCT: Piano or the guitar?

Katy Rose: Both, but I do love to play guitar.

BCT: Mexican food or Chinese food?

Katy Rose: I’m a Californian. Definitely Mexican.

BCT: Hot weather or Cold weather?

Katy Rose: Cold!

BCT: 80s Fashion or 90s Fashion?

Katy Rose: Eek! Neither?