Valentine’s Day with Phoebe Bridgers


This Valentine’s Day, I decided to hang with my one true love, music, as I third wheeled with my friends to see Phoebe Bridgers. By the end of the show, my heart was full and that’s not really something I expected to happen on this day of ~love~ so I consider it a win. Phoebe’s honest lyrics were audibly painted by her warm and calming voice. Between songs she mixed in some comical bits about her different romantic experiences and how they led her to write each piece. As I swayed in the back while enjoying her peaceful voice and atmospheric lighting, I looked around and found a community in the sold out Cannery Ballroom of people who’s shared emotions and experiences found solidarity in her songs. At the end, she brought out her phenomenal opener who’s a Nashville native, Soccer Mommy, and together they slayed Sheryl Crowe’s “If It Makes You Happy”, proving that Phoebe’s proficiency in songwriting is matched by a variety of vocal chops. I can’t wait till the next time she comes to Nashville, and I know that I’ll definitely be getting my tickets early since she sold out the original venue for this show, and when it got moved to a larger one (the Cannery), she sold that out too.

Photos by Andrea Schollnick




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