DREAMERS, Gnash, All Time Low 4/6 by Hannah Jones

Making a 5 hour road trip to see your favorite band is never a bad idea, and this time was no different.
Opening the night was rock trio, DREAMERS. Spending last fall touring with seasoned vets, The Maine, DREAMERS seemed to have a calm and collected confidence about them that came across in their performance. Despite playing first, in no time they had everyone bopping along to their music.
When I first heard that Gnash was on the tour, I have to admit, I was skeptical. Being familiar with his music, I wondering if he could win over a crowd of pop-punk kids. However, between opening with his “i hate u, i love u” anthem, a Blink-182 cover, and a new edgier song he debuted just for this tour… he definitely succeeded!
Finally, headliners All Time Low took the stage to their screaming sold out crowd. With an energetic first few songs, they set the pace for a very dynamic and entertaining set. Playing a perfect mix of old and new songs, it catered to fans of all ages. Whether it was someone’s first or fifteenth time seeing them, I don’t think anyone left disappointed.


All Time Low