Heather Brave Releases New Single, “Spinning”


The first time I heard Heather Brave’s music, I knew that she was an exceptional talent. I can honestly say that I haven’t been that excited about an artist in a very long time. I was seriously bummed when I couldn’t make it out to see her show in New York last month.

Today, Heather released a new single, “Spinning” that solidifies her raw talent — both vocally and through her songwriting. On social media earlier today, Heather said “this song happened at a time when things were the hardest, but that actually made me feel strong. It’s more than okay to have to get out of control to see your strength all the way.”

“Spinning” is a ballad that breaks through the noise and offers us beautiful harmonies and a strings section that completes the song. With lyrics like “What if tomorrow I descend back to the way it was / Back to the fiction and forget how far I’ve come,” Heather Brave truly outdid herself. And just like her last name, she displays an unmatched bravery in releasing such a deeply personal song.

You can listen to “Spinning” and all of Heather’s other tracks below!

You can catch up with Heather Brave on social media here:

WEB ↠ www.heatherbrave.com
FACEBOOK ↠ www.facebook.com/itsheatherbrave
TWITTER ↠ www.twitter.com/itsheatherbrave
INSTAGRAM ↠ www.instagram.com/itsheatherbrave
YOUTUBE ↠ www.youtube.com/heatherbrave




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