What is Big City Thoughts?

Big City Thoughts is a music outlet created in 2011 by photographer Acacia Evans. After making a name for ourselves in the alternative scene, we began covering all genres of music when Acacia moved to Nashville, TN to attend Belmont University. In March of 2015, we decided to bring our exclusive content together in the form of a digital magazine.

Can I buy a physical copy of your magazine?

We are currently in the process of figuring out a successful way to print our magazine! We have done some test runs, but haven’t quite figured out the right formula that works for us.

How do I get my music featured in on your site or in the magazine?

Shoot over an email to acacia@bigcitythoughts.com with what kind of feature you’re looking for. Please include music links, a short bio, and social media links. We normally plan out our magazine features weeks in advance of the release date, but would love to have you on the site.

Before I email you, do you even cover my genre of music?

Of course! We love all music!!

I am a photographer/writer interested in working for BCT. Do you have any available spots?

We are always looking for hardworking and ambitious writers. Depending on our need for photographers at the time of your email, we may be looking for someone in your area. Please send over at least three articles you’ve written for writer inquiries and your portfolio for photographer inquiries to acacia@bigcitythoughts.com.

The BCT team is a bunch of badasses and I want to be friends with all of you.

You’re in luck! We want to be friends with you, too. Please email acacia@bigcitythoughts.com to get this friendship ball rolling.