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Acacia Evans: Founder & Editor-In-Chief
Hi! My name is Acacia and I am an Entertainment Industry Studies Major and Public Relations Minor at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. I started BCT back in New Jersey where I spent my summers working on the boardwalk. I am also a music photographer and shoot for GrammyU’s Nashville chapter. I work in marketing for some of Belmont’s showcases and handle PR for Waldman Management’s band Mirror Eyes. You can also find me working with CID Entertainment. I’m obsessed with social media so follow me @acaciaevans on Insta and Twitter. See ya!


Grace Gonzalez: Senior Editor


Kara Johnson: Editorial Assistant
Kara Johnson works for and several other publications such as, Big City Thoughts. Johnson is also is an artist developer and works in PR for One One 7, a multinational company owning firms in music, television, film, and book publishing. She has interviewed several celebrities and artists such as Emma Watson, Avan Jogia, Keith Urban, RaeLynn, and many more. She has been in attendance for the CMA Awards, and several other large concert events.


Andi Rogers: Designer
Hi! My name is Andi Rogers. I’m a graphic designer by day (night, too. Who am I kidding?) and a music fanatic by night. I’m three years out of college and work at an ad agency full time. When I’m not at the agency, I usually have a camera attached to me. And that will probably never change. I have a strange affinity for hand lettering, the color green, and baby goats. I love meeting new people, learning new things and taking photos whenever I have the chance.





Hayley Augustus: Live Press Coordinator / Writer
My name is Hayley Augustus. I moved to Nashville in January from Napa, California to attend school at Belmont University, and I am currently a Junior at the University. I have always loved writing and have grown up with a very musically inclined family, so working with Big City Thoughts Magazine seemed like a great way to combine two things that I love.And I look forward to the experiences that this opportunity provides me with.


Luke Zoey Beach
Luke Duran: Writer
Luke received his undergraduate degree in Journalism from Harvard and Princeton simultaneously where he was gifted with the ability to write articles and album reviews like the absolute journalistic animal that he is. Next to Elon Musk, he is the second highest shareholder in the publicly traded company, Tesla Motors with a personal net worth of 30 trillion pennies. When he is not found living in New York City with his wife Rachel McAdams, he is found in Nashville wishing that all of the above were true.

The idiot who falsified the above paragraph was actually born and raised in sunny Southern California and has since relocated to Nashville, TN where he pursues life as an entertainment industry professional. He currently serves as an artist manager for a small roster of artists, a digital marketing and small business consultant, and a full time, penny pinching, fast food enthusiast.

Wade Elliott Evans: Writer
Born and raised in Nashville. Thinks of himself as a modern day mix of Phil Dunphy and Ferris Bueller. Fitness Coordinator at Vanderbilt University. DJ for Premier the Entertainment Company. Lover of Jurassic Park and Live Music.



Lexy Fields: Writer
Hi! My name is Lexy and I am so thrilled to be writing for Big City Thoughts. I am currently a junior in my music business degree at Belmont University, but I am originally from a small town in Oklahoma. I remember when I first began really listening to music – it was my seventh grade year in middle school. The new generation of pop punk captured my heart and I have never looked back since. From attending Warped Tour every year to driving countless hours to see my favorite bands, music has always been the biggest and most important part of my life. I’ve always been a writer, whether it was for an article or personal poetry. I’m so thankful to be part of this innovative team and adore being able to work with some of the best artists in the industry.

Anna Kaplan: Writer
Hi! My name is Anna Kaplan and I’m originally from Charlotte, North Carolina. I moved to Seattle, Washington in 2015 to study Journalism and Strategic Communication at Seattle University and have been loving it ever since. I’m aiming to specialize in Music Journalism. I’ve gone to hundreds of concerts, and enjoy writing feature articles and conducting interviews. In my free time you can hear me DJing for my school’s radio station or see me looking for dogs at the dog park.


Niki Major: Writer
Niki is a Jersey girl at heart, but moved to Nashville, TN to attend Belmont University after spending two years studying in Boston. She is an Entertainment Industry Studies Major because of her love for music, but has also been involved with motocross since she was a little girl. Niki interned at SiriusXM in NYC and is planning on finding a similar internship here in Nash.


Maura Mazurowski: Writer
Maura is a 20-year-old freelance writer and filmmaker living in Richmond, VA. She loves movies and music. If you like her work, give her a follow on the ‘gram: @MauraMazurowski.




Kaitlyn Midgett: Social Media Manager/Writer
Kaitlyn Midgett is a recent Belmont University graduate who has a passion for sharing stories and promoting artists. She’s been writing for BCT for a year and a half and also helps run their social media accounts. Her favorite interview that she’s ever been a part of was Mr. B, featured in our 5th issue.




Tyler Price: Writer
I am a 22-year-old senior at Belmont University in Nashville, TN currently finishing up my degree in Entertainment Industry Studies with a journalism minor.

You know, it’s funny – I thought the older we get, the fewer questions we are supposed to have. Well, the older I get, the more I loose track of how many questions I seem to have.

I absolutely love reporting – not just because it’s cool to get a story, but also because I genuinely enjoy learning more. I’ve covered many issues including witches, gun control, drag queens and gay Christians. I crave rawness – I seek realness. The more real my subjects are and the more they surprise me, the more I learn – therefore, the more my audience learns.

As my mentor once told me, “Tyler, it’s clear in your writing that you want to save the world.” This is true. I do want to save the world – one byline at a time.

I also have a secret dream of being a famous jazz singer.

MJ Rawls: Writer

Rasha Shaker: Writer
Born and raised in Northeast Pennsylvania, Rasha ventured to Nashville in pursuit of her dreams of writing about music and art for those who share her passion. Her love for music started when Rasha’s mother played various mixtapes for her in utero. Growing up, music and art became tools for coping and healing. To this day, Rasha’s headphones blast an eclectic playlist, those ranging from Led Zeppelin and Mozart, to Lady Gaga and Black Dahlia Murder. Really, she’ll listen to just about anything. Besides having a soft spot for music, Rasha also enjoys gardening and drinking tea.



Elke Thoms: Writer
Elke Thoms is an English major at Northeastern University. Along with BCT, she has written for publications such as Northern Virginia Magazine, Her Campus Northeastern, and Tastemakers Magazine.